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persolog Stress Profile "Job" Online englisch

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Two questionnaires on stressors and stress behavior in a professional context including assessment and 28 pages of advanced work material. Save valuable time and use the online questionnaire for the persolog® Stress Profile. Participants can determine their stress factors and stress behavior in a short time. In peace and quiet on their own home computer. You receive the report by e-mail and can get straight to work in seminars or coaching.

Incorporate individual stress prevention into your development.
The manner in which each person experiences and manages stress is highly individual. For this reason, it makes sense to learn about stressors, in other words stress triggers, as well as the individual stress behavior of people. It is possible to learn effective and preventive stress management.

Focus on behavior.
As the sole analysis instrument of its kind, the persolog® Stress Profile reflects individual stress behavior as well as stressors. It thus helps to improve non-productive stress behavior.

Remain discrete.
As stress is a sensitive topic, the analysis of professional and private stress factors has been separated. This enables the questionnaires to be used as needed in each case, above all in business contexts. The persolog® Stress Profile results in direct self-reflection. It is particularly suited as a tool for stress prevention in training and coaching. Independent work with the material shows ways of conscious, effective action, implementing sustainable changes in dealing with stress.
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